Monday, August 4, 2008

Tomorrow begins my last 48 hours in the US of A.

I have my visa, I have my bank account all sorted out, I've read through my guidebooks, I've said goodbye to almost everyone I needed to say goodbye too, I've got everything I need, now all I need to do is shove my life into my suitcase and be on my way.

It's still so surreal. I can't believe that 48 hours from now I'm going to be on a plane. I'm not sure it will hit me until I actually step off the plane in Edinburgh. In the last month I've gone back and forth between trepidation and being really excited, and now that I'm about to leave, it's just all excitement. I can't wait to get there and see everything and meet people and explore a completely new place, and go to classes and everything else.

Anyway, good luck to everyone else making this move, and I can't wait to meet all you other GEPers!


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