Sunday, August 10, 2008

I met Braveheart today!

I am still thwarted by my attempts to buy a mobile, but my time will come soon. I should get the papers I need from my bank tomorrow, and then I can finally fulfill my geeky longing for the iPhone. :)

In other news, I met Braveheart today! Kit and I were wandering the city, buying necessities like hairdryers and shampoo, and we found ourselves at the castle. We didn't go in, because we want to wait for the Fringe to end so it's not so packed with gazillions of people. But the outside was quite nice. On the way out, Kit snapped a picture of me with Braveheart. He was hilarious.

Edinburgh Castle, mobbed with tourists
Braveheart and Me. I was trying not to look sheepish
and embarrassed, but I'm pretty sure I failed :)

Anyway, at 18.00 tonight Kit, Jessica and I are meeting a bunch of other Dick Vets for dinner. I met in passing a few of them today, but tonight should be a fair few of us, which should be very fun.

Matriculation is tomorrow! As of tomorrow afternoon I will officially be a Royal Dick (Jessica and I were thinking we need sweatshirts that say that on the front, just to confuse people).

So excited!

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