Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eestairre Booosh!

So I had my first official class today, which was pretty good. It was introduction to anatomy, and we learned a bit of definitions and things. The teacher seems quite tough in terms of being on time and knowing things, but she also cracked a few jokes and seems like a nice enough sort of person outside of class.

After class we got a bus out to Easter Bush Veterinary Center (henceforth known as EBVC), where we were introduced to the center and given tours around the small animal hospital, large animal hospital, and the classrooms and what have you.
View on the way to Easter Bush
All roads point to Easter Bush
EBVC main building
Small Animal Hospital
So after the tours, we had a lunch at the EBVC canteen, which had quite yummy food and coffee, and we got to talk to one of the professors, Dr. Alastair McDonald, who sat at our table, and was quite funny and cool. After lunch we had an introduction to the extramural studies system, and a lot of it was information we already had, but some of it was helpful. Then we watched this AMAZING video called "KNOW THE DANGERS!" which was basically the worlds worst actors teaming together to produce a video on safety with animals, namely cows. It had horrible renditions of people being trampled by cows, rammed by bulls, and squashed by heifers. Hilarious.

Then on the way back, the bus was like 45 minutes late, which was annoying, but on the way out I snapped this picture, which made it all worth it.

Me with William Dick
Tomorrow promises another day of boring safety lectures and intro talks, and a re-do of matriculation because my bank likes to make life difficult. But on the upside, I have an iPhone, and internet in my room, so all is not lost!

Also, I met some new people in more depth today, Anik and Danica, both of whom are quite nice. :)

And on a completely random side note, I've discovered (rather disconcertingly) that I have begun thinking with a British/Scottish accent from time to time, and I'm always afraid I'm going to pop out with something and it's going to be with an accent and someone's going to think I'm mocking them. But so far we haven't had any incidences, :-P

Anyway, time for bed!

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