Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Fringe!

I saw my first Fringe show today! It was called the Caesar Twins, and apparently they're a pretty big deal. They were actually really good, albeit slightly weird because they're twins, and almost slightly homo-erotic. BUT, despite this, they were quite good, and actually quite funny at times. It was almost like Cirque-de-Soleil in the types of things they did, but a little smaller scale. They did lots of balancing acts, and trampoline tricks, and some funny twin jokes, and lots of flips and twists and things.

Here are some pictures of them. I, obviously, was not allowed a camera inside, so these are stolen from various places around the internet, but just to give you a small glimpse of what they were like, here ya go.

Pablo & Pierre, the twins
This is more what they look like now, with the hair,
and that sort of balancing thing is a lot of the type of thing they did.
This is one of the adverts for the show we saw tonight.
So anyway, as I said, the show was really great, and then we went out for dinner and drinks afterwards, first at an American restaurant called "The Filling Station," which served very yummy cheeseburgers and chips, and then moved to a pub off Princes Street that I can't remember the name of, but they had a fun folk-ish sort of band playing. It was quite crowded, and so I didn't take any pictures, because I was trying to not be extremely touristy, but suffice it to say that it was a good restaurant, and a good bar, and I had a good time. :)

I will definitely have to take a picture of the venue of the Caesar Twins next time I go near it, though, because it is a purple cow. And when I say a purple cow, I really mean it; a great, big, inflatable, purple cow is sitting in a square in Edinburgh, and it contains a stage. The venue we were at was called the "Udderbelly" and then there's also a venue further into the city on the lower level of streets called the "Underbelly," and then there's also another venue called the "Baby Belly" and they're all purple cow themed.

Anyway, tomorrow classes start up in full, and I am somewhat sad to have finished my last weekend of freedom and have to begin studying for real (because I decided to fully enjoy my last weekend of freedom and did very little studying), but I'm sure lectures will be interesting, and we've got two dissections tomorrow. Yay!

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