Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm taking a quick break from vet blogging, as many of you know.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer back in April, and in the last week or so has gone way downhill. I flew home this last weekend to be with her, and other than keeping her comfortable and telling her how much we love her, that's all we can do right now.

I'd appreciate anyone who reads this to include my mother in your thoughts, or in your prayers if you do that sort of thing. She really needs a miracle.



Janet said...

Tara, I promised your mom I wouldl pray in Taos. She remembered I pray in Navajo. Be strong and know you can reach out to me anytime, I am here if you need me. Janet

Claire said...

Hi Tara,
Are you back in Scotland now? We are all thinking of you. I'm not sure if Sarah Smiley reads this blog or not, but she says to tell you that "I am thinking of her and I send all my love. I am reachable via email sgsmiley07@gmail.com"
We're all here whenever you need us.