Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update and a half

Hey all! So two things to share with you all:

My eyes: Feeling almost back to normal, although they're horribly dry at the moment, so I have to put lots of fake tears in them. This is a very common side effect of LASIK, since in the creation of the corneal flap they sever a bunch of nerves in your eyes. These nerves, which normally fire and stimulate your lacrimal (tear) secretion, obviously can't when they're severed. So until they heal (a few weeks to months) you get dry eyes. Fun, eh? Nothing to worry about though, as long as I keep using my drops often!

In addition, I have such better night vision now. It's revolutionary, seriously. Before with contacts or glasses I would see a sort of starburst around EVERY light. Obviously, with dimmer lights like traffic lights it wasn't so much a problem, but even when someone didn't have their bright headlights on, they would dazzle me, and god forbid the roads were wet I could barely see anything but light. I actually thought this was how everyone saw lights.
This was more or less what I saw around every light when driving at night (traffic lights, streetlights, reflections, brake lights). Not quite this badly, but badly enough that I did not enjoy night driving. (ironically, this pic is from a LASIK complication website. Ha!)
NOW, however, all I see is a little bit of halo around the lights, which should go away as my eyes heal. I drove home from campus in the dark yesterday, and I could look straight at headlights and still see the rest of the road. Without the new CustomVue Wavefront it is possible that starbursts can get worse and other problems can develop (which is why I found the starburst pic on a LASIK-bashing website), but Wavefront takes a computer scan of the surface of the lens, and works to smooth out the aberrations as it corrects the prescription.
Now all I see is slight halos. Much less obtrusive. I'm sure we can all agree that, even if for whatever reason these halos don't go away, it's SO much better than the way it was.
Anyway, so the second thing I wanted to share is a blog: Hyperbole and a Half. **NOTE: if you are offended by the occasional (humorous) use of swear words and some (very) mild politically incorrectness, please be warned that it is used often on this site, however it is done in such a way that I don't find it offensive, and frankly neither should you.**

If you can overlook the swear words, this illustrated blog shares some hilarious stories, all accompanied by the funniest drawings. The entry in particular that the link above will bring you to is one about the author's move across country with her two dogs. The link to the whole blog is in my side bar. Make sure to check out this entry as a priority: The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas. Enjoy! :D

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