Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok ok.. is it a... Pegifunticorn?


For reference to the above quote (slightly paraphrased), which has become "the new thing" with Jessica and I, see HERE. More on why that's there in a bit.

We had our first exam today. Didn't count for anything, which is quite fortunate, because none of us can quite figure out how they expect us to learn the entire (and I mean down to the nerves, arteries and veins) anatomy of the dog in 4 weeks, but whatever. Now we know that we pretty much need to study on a constant basis, and we've got until December to actually learn it for real. Parts of the written test were ok, like I'd get an entire page where I'd think "hey, I know this!" and then I'd turn the page and leave 90% of it blank. The oral part of the exam was less frightening, oddly enough, and I love Dr. Sue Kempson. She is one of the anatomy teachers, and also just a hilarious and amazing woman, and I happened to get assigned to her for the oral (which I literally did a big loud "YES!" with an arm pump in the hallway when I found out). Plus, I love her accent, and the way she says things like "You'll want to bring your rubbers to the written examination, so make sure you have plenty of rubbers. I don't think you'll need the rubbers for the oral portion though." I'm pretty sure she doesn't realize that rubbers mean something other than erasers in the good old USA.

This coming week we've got off while the freshers arrive, and so Jessica, Hyla, Erin and I are going up to Carbisdale Castle and Inverness to see a livestock market, and also to visit Loch Ness. I'm so excited! Expect lots of pictures! Maybe I'll even get a pic of Nessie or one of the ghosts of the castle!

Anyway, so back to the pegifunticorn. Yesterday during our study break, Jessica, Pookish and I went to Elephants and Bagels (which is officially my favorite cafe ever) for lunch, and we were looking at the many drawings around the wall that patrons have made of elephants and/or bagels. There are some pretty fun ones up on the wall, such as the crazy elephant which looks as though it (or possibly the artist) was on some sort of hallucinogen, or the sketch of an elephant skull that I have a suspicion was done by a Dick Vet student, or perhaps the adorable scribble of an elephant done by a small child in bright yellow marker.

As we were looking at these things and eating our bagels (sans elephants) we saw on the counter a stack of paper and some markers. So we decided to add to the glory of Elephants and Bagels by putting our own version of an elephant on the wall. I picked up the markers and away we went! I was the artist, Jessica was the colour-inner and creative inspiration, and Pookish was the moral support. One of the more sociable waitresses thought it was hilarious. The other one was on the phone, but she gave us a weird look. I'm not so sure I could blame her.

Let me walk you through it:

We start off with a simple tracing of an elephant and a bagel, but as we were thinking about our earlier conversations, in which we constantly interject the "Are you a unicorn?" game at pretty much every opportunity (and did it again just there for fun), we decided that the elephant needed a horn that was emitting magic, as Pookish describes.

Jessica then decided that it needed wings, because every kick-ass unicorn has wings (making it a pegicorn, or pegasus avec horn), so why not an elephanticorn? Thus it became a Pegifanticorn. When picking a color, we decided on bright pink, because it just seemed the proper choice. We then added eyelashes which I originally thought "Too much, too much," but then, as Jessica pointed out, the thing was already neon pink, so it probably wouldn't put it over the top.

Now as I was penning in the title, I for whatever reason decided to put a 'U' instead of an 'A' (as in PegifUnticorn), but fortunately that added to it's awesomeness, because it added a bit of FUN to our drawing.

Thus, the Pegifunticorn. Enjoy.


Jessica Ruygt said...

"Thus, the Peifunticorn."

this is my new facebook quote :D

Megan said...

That's kind of awesome Tara. Well done.

Donna said...

Ok, so this might sound really random but I feel compelled to comment!

Firstly, let me tell you that I really do love unicorns. I'm not a die hard collector of unicorn memorabilia or anything, but for example, my artist friend came to a house concert of mine last year & drew massive pictures of unicorns playing instruments all over my walls (cos he knew how much i loved 'em). I think they are awesome.

My friend natalie had a birthday do last sunday. As part of the evening she made a pink coloured cocktail and decided to name it the 'Pink Elephant'. She also had a lovely carved wooden elephant table in the living room of her new flat which I commented on. An elephant themed evening it was!

The next day natalie & I went into Digger, the little gift shop by the Pear Tree pub in Edinburgh and were browsing around. A totally awesome unicorn notebook caught my eye. It was shiny, it was sparkly, it was magical and on the back it said 'May all your dreams come true'. It also had a 7.99 price tag. And i am currently unemployed. I pointed it out to my friend natalie and was like oh my god i want this so bad but cannot justify buying it while i am so skint. And then, i noticed that right next to the unicorn notebook was a Pink elephant notebook! I showed natalie and was like its a sign we have to buy these notebooks! So we did. And we laughed and chortled at how hilarious this little coincidence was. And how this little coincidence seemed to justify us spending money that we don't have... ha!

The next day, I was out with my friend Sarah & she was hungry. We happened to be passing elephant & bagel so we went in. After ordering a bite to eat I thought i must find a pic of a pink elephant and take a photo of it on my phone to send to natalie after yesterday's funny coincidence. After all, there are hundreds of pictures of elephants on the walls, one of them must be pink! The first pink elephant my eyes were drawn to within about 2 seconds was your Pegifunticorn!!! I couldn't believe it. It was a pink elephant crossed with a freakin' unicorn. Holy cowbells.

I sent it to natalie. And we were laughing hysterically at the synchronicity of it all. I was then compelled to google pegifunticorn and discovered your blog post. Oh. My. Gawd.

It made our day.


What does it meeeeeean??

Donna x