Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gaun Abread tae Auld Reekie

I was going to try and write this whole first post in Old Scots, but it turned out to be wayyy too complicated!

Anyway, this is the blog I'll be using to keep in touch with you guys, since cell-phoning will be (sadly) too expensive. A number of you will probably also be getting more personal emails every so often, but given that my life will soon be taken over by the wee beasties over in Auld Reekie (that's Edinburgh), this is where I'll post to everyone when I can't do the individual thing.

So today I got my joining pack from Dick Vet (more formally known as the Royal [Dick] School of Veterinary Medicine), and I've been tinkering around with the webmail and websites all morning. Plus my mom just sent me my plane ticket reservations. I'm leaving at 9:45pm on August 5 from NYC, arriving in Dublin, Ireland at 9am the next morning, then there's the 1 hour flight from Dublin to Edinburgh at 1:45 that afternoon. I wonder if I'll have time to leave the airport and get some lunch at a real Irish pub? That'd be pretty sweet.

I'm getting excited again, like really super excited. Part of me is still nervous and anxious, and a little sad, but I'm getting to the point where I wish I were leaving tomorrow so I could just go and start my new life. Right now I'm just sort of living in limbo. There's no point in making new friends, or getting into a new relationship, because I'm just leaving in a month and a half (ahh!), and hanging out with my current friends is (no offense intended) a little sad, because I keep thinking about how you're all going to hang out like that without me after I leave, and I'll be missing out. It's like an incredible emotional rollercoaster going from being really excited to really sad every 5 minutes. So I just want to go and be able to live my life instead of only sort of half living it. Plus, I've been waiting for this for an entire year since I broke myself last year. It's like, Come on already!

Anyway, I should probably do something productive with my day, huh?

Signing off,


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'll be joining you this August. Can't wait to meet you. = )

Tara E. Bergin said...

Hm. I wish I knew who you are... I'm intrigued..