Monday, March 4, 2013

Get ready... Get set...!

It has been ages and ages since my last post, sorry about that, but there is only so much to write about job searching and taking the dog for walks and spending every day alone with two cats and a dog going slightly nuts from boredom.

Now, however, all of that is about to change! Why?


On paper it looks to be pretty much my ideal job. All small animals with some exotics, no on-call, lots of support from my bosses (who also seem almost ridiculously nice and understanding and laid back), a great and friendly nursing team. So I can only hope that the reality is as great as all that. I'm sure it will be.

The practice is in South Yorkshire, in a town near Sheffield - I wont give any more details than that so that any future posts I make can't be attributed to certain patients, etc (although, obviously names and details will be changed anyway - patient confidentiality is not to be messed with).

I am so excited I cannot even begin to tell you. I'm also a little nervous - will I be able to pull together all of that knowledge from uni when faced with actual clients who are depending on me, and no professors hovering over to check everything? What if something comes in I don't know? Is there a good way to tell a client you don't know the answer without them losing confidence in you? I want to be a really really good vet, which means that, in the beginning at least, I will probably be double and triple checking everything, and asking loads of questions. Hopefully clients see that as me being thorough rather than unconfident.

Andrew and I drove down this last weekend to see the area, and got a good chance to drive around the Peak District of England, which is very close, and really stunning. I didn't really take many pictures this trip, because it was just a quick drive through, but on my first day off I think I'm going to take Pookie for a walk and I'll bring my good camera! I think if we love it and decide to stay for more than a year or two we'll probably get a house in the Peak District, which makes me really excited, because although I love Edinburgh and it is a beautiful beautiful city, part of me has always wanted to live a little more out in the country.  For now, though, the practice has a house for us to live in, which is perfect for now and only a few minutes from the practice!

So in the next two weeks I'll be moving south, a few months ahead of Andrew. This will mean a short while of seeing him only a few days a week, at a time when it's going to be stressful to begin with as the teething phase of my veterinary career begins, but hopefully I'll be kept busy enough that the time will fly by. Plus, I already have two holidays booked in for the spring and summer, so hopefully these will give me something to look forward to on the days that are really difficult.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to being able to update this blog with my exploits as a vet, and hopefully any vet students can take comfort in my (hopeful) successes and realise that it can actually be done :P

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Exciting, scary, but worthwhile times ahead.