Monday, November 1, 2010


I promised you an update on my Hallowe'en weekend, and since I'm currently procrastinating at the moment (don't worry, I'll get back to being productive in a bit! I need to digest my supremely garlic heavy dinner - 7 cloves all for me!)

So on Saturday I went for my run, and then after a shower got the final touches ready on my costume. It was altogether very lastminute, but it ended up being one of the more creative costumes in attendance (if I do say so myself!) :)
Anik as a pirate wench, and Pookish as Ron from Harry Potter
Adam as Han Solo and Alan as a Sith.
Erin as an Aviator (wearing an ACTUAL flightsuit), and Crystal as a cat!
Katy as roadkill (brilliant!), Kyle as a prince/king/some kind of royalty, and Doireann as a very silly bumble bee!
Another of my favourite costumes was the Kenny costume that Laura's boyfriend wore. Laura wore an awesome homemade spider costume, and there's Doireann again - possibly my favourite picture of her. :)
After the party I drove Anik and I back home, and washed all of the green off myself and then crashed from exhaustion.

Sunday morning I woke up, very confused as to why I felt so over-rested after only sleeping until 9. I woke up with that fuzzy, headachy feeling that I get when I've gotten too much sleep, and, as I was the DD last night, it was not attributable to alcohol of any sort (I don't drink and drive and have no respect for any who do. Then I realised that my watch was an hour off, and remembered that the end of daylight savings had occurred, and I'd gotten an extra hour of sleep (for all of my US readers I've just confused, daylight savings is a week earlier here in the UK).

So anyway, that afternoon for Emma's 21st birthday (Emma is Pookish & Poon's really nice flatmate), we all went to The Stand, which is a comedy club in Edinburgh. We saw a stand-up improv act: Stuart & Garry, who were absolutely hilarious. I especially liked them because not only could I understood them, but they had just enough mix of dirty and clean humour. I'm not interested in hearing swear words every 5 seconds or about really inappropriate topics, and besides I find the more subtle innuendoes to be way funnier. Anyway, so as I said, these guys were brilliant. I think they probably were getting a little sick of the vet group at the end, because every suggestion we shouted out was animal-related, but they humoured us at least a little bit! Even greater is that the show was free. The food and drinks, however, were not, but were delicious enough to make it worth it!

Sadly I don't have any pictures from the event, as I didn't think the comedians would appreciate flashbulbs (not to mention I didn't want to get picked on!). It is a slight shame, because I was wearing a really cute new outfit that I bought (as all my old clothes are getting too big - go me!)! Oh well, another time! :P

In other news, we have moved on from cows... yayyy! We're now learning about sheep, which is sadly a shorter block of lectures, but way more awesome, because sheep are infinitely cooler than cows. Today we learned about perinatal lamb disease - basically the causes of lambs dying in the first week. I like lambs because most of it is pretty straightforward. Realistically I guess all farm animal medicine is pretty straightforward - it's mostly about hygiene and nutrition, which isn't so much an issue in small animal medicine.

Anyway, back to being productive. Not sure what's happening this weekend, I guess we'll find out! :)

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