Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Moving Blues

I should be studying now, and I'll get back to it shortly, I promise. However, I'm stressed out and need to vent.

Today our letting agent called us and informed us that our landlord is taking the flat back from us, and that we have until October 2 to move out. To clarify, it is not because we have done anything wrong (we pretty much are the perfect tenants), but because his son wants to live in the flat. And since our lease is up in September anyway, he is perfectly within his right to tell us to get out. I checked the lease, and checked it again, and it's totally legit.

Now, I know our flat has had some issues, and not everything was perfect, but I like our flat, I love the location, and I am sad that on top of everything else I have going on in my life right now, that I need to also worry about finding a flat/house. Especially since the festival is coming up, and students are going to start flooding in, it's a horrible time to have to go flat searching. Not to mention my resit, and all the EMS that Anik and I are doing.

Fortunately we have amazing friends, and Jen has agreed to help us move things for us, and as soon as my exam is over I'm going to start packing. It's just really not something I want to deal with now. I was planning on having some time to relax and enjoy the festival after my exam, and now I have to stress out about finding a place to live. :(

Anyway, I've started EMS at Easter Bush, in the diagnostic imaging department. The first day was quite slow, and although we saw a few things, me and the two other girls in my class also on EMS there spent most of the day looking at radiographs and trying to figure out what was wrong with them. It was good practice, but at the same time wasn't really what I wanted to be doing and got a bit old pretty quickly.

Today, I brought my studying with me for the down time, but as I might have predicted it was way busier and more interesting. One of the vets in today was incredibly nice and got us all involved in everything that was going on. Actually, the entire diagnostic imaging department is all really nice, and although the downtime in between things is slow, when stuff is going on it's really interesting. I actually am beginning to understand how to read the ultrasound and CT scans, so it's very cool.

Anyway, so today we saw a CT scan of a dog to look for a porto-systemic shunt, which was really neat because the CT scanner had to be timed exactly to coincide with the injection of contrast medium and the pumping of the arteries. So that was really neat. We also saw a CT of a dog looking for hydronephritis (water in the kidney) due to a previous ectopic ureter. Then we saw some ultrasounds of various inappetant animals, and then lastly we did a CT myelogram on a dog to see if it had a disc extrusion in it's spine. Very cool.

I ended up cancelled next week's EMS (and possibly the week after's, depending on whether the clinic is okay with me only doing one week), because I realised that my exam is more important, and really I can't handle doing 8am-7pm (plus at least a 40-minute commute each way) every day the week before my exam and still have time to study. I did, however, take 2 weeks in September from Jen, who had to back out of two weeks at a different practice. Although now with the moving I'm regretting that decision slightly, but I'll make it work, because I need the weeks of EMS.

Blah, anyway, lots of stress going on lately, but soon it'll be a bit better when my exam is over! Back to studying now!

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Leore_Joanne said...

I have just read your whole blog from start to finish. I found it fascinating. Also, nice to dream of cold Scotland weather while trying to forget the heat here.

Leore Joanne.