Saturday, June 5, 2010

Knit in the nick of time!

My jumper is finished! Since I had little else to do but pack this weekend, and since packing is not as fun as knitting, I finished my sweater! Take a look! :)
The beginning of the cables. What will they become?
Nearly done!
The finishing touches!
It fits!
All the pretty little details
I should note that the pattern came from the crafty Kate Davies, whose blog I stumbled across through Ravelry.
Tomorrow it's off to London and then NYC on Monday! So excited!!! :D


cette fille said...

this is a gorgeous sweater, I love the detailing.
my last attempt at knitting remains in the closet.. a 2 inch long scarf.

Gillian said...

This jumper is fantastic!! I'd love it, cor you've almost inspired me to take up knitting.....
(maybe I actually will!)