Friday, January 23, 2009

Saga of the Stomach Bug

So this week has been surprisingly unfun. Not only was it the hardest, busiest week of classes we've had so far, but I missed ALL of it because of the stomach bug that's apparently been making its way around our class and around uni. Ick. I tried to make it to a practical on Wednesday, but ended up having to leave and sit in the "first aid chair" outside for the rest of the period.

Note to self: smell of formalin + upset stomach = bad news

Today I have been feeling better overall, in the sense that I have been to the doctor, and made it all the way there and back without dying. I had to sleep for about 2 hours after I got back to recupperate, but I made it. Mostly it's just the stairs at the end, they're horrible when you're ill! Anyway, so the doctor told me basically to keep resting and drinking fluids, and if I was still ill on Monday I should come see him again. Which of course means I would have to miss another day of class, but at least then I'd be probably given something to aid in my recovery. They're not big on drugs here.

Anyway on the way home I stopped at Sainsbury's and got some essentials, like PowerAde to keep me hydrated, grapes, oatmeal, and bananas, which all seem like fairly innocuous foods that I can keep down. The PowerAde immediately helped. I drank one and my headache went away, and I'm feeling much less nauseous. Woot.

I've heard from others in our class that this week was unfun in terms of classes too, but that doesn't mean I'm any less responsible for learning it all, which means once I get better it's going to be lots of catchup. I've so far been unable to concentrate on anything long enough to study, and end up just staring at the page for an hour before giving up. I'm thinking if I just hold off till I'm well it'll be much more productive, and for now I'll attempt to enjoy my enforced laziness. My Wii is all set up, but even that I haven't been able to stick with for very long without getting bored. Blah.

Maybe it's cause I'm sick, but I've also been feeling really homesick lately. Probably because whenever I was sick I'd always sit on the couch in the family room watching tv and my parents would keep me company and help me feel better and cook me delicious wholesome food that was sure to make me feel better. I miss being a kid, and thinking it was the greatest thing ever to miss a week of school, especially because it was so easy to make up the work. I love it here, but I constantly feel like there is no possible way I can ever learn the amount of material I'm expected to know, and I'm not used to "squeaking by," I'm used to excelling without really trying all that hard, and it's kind of a harsh reality that I can't do that anymore. Also, I love my friends here, but I miss the familiarity of home and the friends I went to college with, who know me better than I know myself, and I feel like I'm losing them because I never get to talk to them with the time difference. And most of all, I miss my mom. I know it's childish, but the only thing I really really need right now is a hug from my mom, and I'll never ever get that again, and it really really sucks...


Dash said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Try not to worry about the exams and learning everything. It is a lot of information to take in and you can't remember everything all the time. Not that that probably helps...

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I admire you for following your dream, so far from home.
Sorry you have been ill - the studies grind on regardless, but it happens to everyone at some stage of their training!

I have only just realised you lost your mother last year, as I only started reading you later in the year. I have four children about your age and I can say: It is a quiet sadness for all parents that their children tend to take them for granted until they are gone! I am sure your mother knew this and she would be so proud of you for doing what you are.

I too was adopted.. but I am lucky that my mother and father are both still alive, in their early eighties, and i get to appreciate them in a way I never could have done at your age.

It is not childish to want to be mothered again - it is human and typical of women, particularly, who tend to mother everyone else, and this is reminding you that you need to make sure you are caring for yourself.

Thinking of you - way across the world and hoping you find comfort and strength.

Jenevieve said...

Ah, the 1st aid chair. I feel like I spent the entirety of my 1st trimester on that chair. Glad you're feeling a bit better. When do you want to come over and get some cute toddler action? He's ready for you, by which I mean *I'm* ready for someone to distract him for a wee while! Also, if you want someone to quiz/help you with studying, let me know. I'd do anything to procrastinate on this epi exam! :)